Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) revealed that the weekly Sensitive Price Indicator (SPI) for the joint consumption group fell 0.26 per cent for the week ending May 26, owing primarily to a drop in the prices of vital food products.

The consolidated index was 174.62 on May 19, 2022, compared to 175.08 on May 19, 2021, while the SPI increased 16.97 per cent year on year when the index was 149.29 on May 27, 2021.

The minor price reductions in essential items may be a sign that the government is finally gaining control of the country’s skyrocketing inflation, which has afflicted the poor strata.


Here are the items that witnessed a decrease or increase in their prices:


Wheat Flour (12.25 per cent), Chillies Powdered (6.48 per cent), Chicken (4.41 per cent), Garlic (2.99 per cent), and non-food item LPG (0.43 per cent) were among the commodities that saw a decline in their rates on a WoW premise out of the 51 supervised items, with a cumulative effect of (-1.00 per cent) into the total SPI for the blended group of goods (-0.26 per cent).


27 items elevated in the week, including potatoes (8.43 per cent), tomatoes (6.33 per cent), eggs (6.29 per cent), rice basmati broken (4.71 per cent), mustard oil (4.16 per cent), pulse masaoor (3.93 per cent), milk fresh (3.47 per cent), onions (3.03 per cent), pulse gramme (2.58 per cent), curd (2.35 per cent), washing soap (2.13 per cent), cooked beef (1.55 per cent), beef (1.42 per cent), pulse mash (1.33 per cent), cooked daal (1.24 per cent). While 19 commodities’ prices remained stable.