Owing to an increase in the prices of food items, the Sensitive Price Indicator (SPI)-based weekly inflation for the week ending September 29 increased by 0.94 per cent.

The items which saw an increase in prices include onions (47.77 per cent), tomatoes (30.29 per cent), tea Lipton (2.50 per cent), bread (1.74 per cent) and non-food item, washing soap (1.13 per cent), according to the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS).

Moreover, the year-on-year trend recorded an increase of 30.62 per cent, mainly due to a surge in prices of tomatoes (224.20 per cent), onions (139.03 per cent), diesel (105.12 per cent), petrol (91.87 per cent), pulse gram (74.56 per cent, masoor (72.42 per cent), mustard oil (64.53 per cent), washing soap (63.33 per cent), cooking oil 5 litre (61.78 per cent), vegetable ghee 2.5 kg (58.37 per cent), maash (57.36 per cent), vegetable ghee 1kg (55.89 per cent), gents sponge chappal (52.21 per cent), and moong (47.96 per cent), while decrease observed in the prices of electricity for q1 (45.61 per cent), chillies powder (42.73 per cent), sugar (18.27 per cent), and gur (1.92 per cent).


According to the most recent PBS data issued on Friday, the SPI for the week under review in the aforementioned category was recorded at 205.13 points as opposed to 203.21 points observed in the previous week.