Actor and host Mathira has lashed out at contemporary Zarnish Khan for her statement on actresses and their obsession with duck lips through botox and fillers on Wajahat Rauf’s show.

Mathira mentioned that its sad that a woman is pulling down other women.

Earlier this week Mathira took to her Instagram handle to school Zarnish for her remarks on a chat show about A-list actress Alizeh Shah.


The Blind Love diva told Zarnish to stop targeting Alizeh, she also pointed out that the young star could be going through internal battles.

Zarnish recently appeared on Wajahat Rauf’s show Voice Over Man, on which while answering a rapid-fire segment’s question on the show, she made some striking remarks about her fellow actress Alizeh Shah.

Alizeh Shah could win a rudeness competition against anyone, says actor  Zarnish Khan - Celebrity - Images

Khan was asked if there was a rudeness competition against Alizeh Shah who would win between the two actresses, Zarnish responded, “Kisi se bhi badtameezi ka competetion ho jeet jayegi [he could win a rudeness competition against anyone].


The two actresses worked together in Imran Abbas starrer Jo Tu Chahay.

Jo Tou Chahay HumTv Drama Folder Icon by imtiaz009 on DeviantArt

Recently the Ishq Zah-e-Naseeb diva clapped back at a troll for moral policing her dressing under a recently posted picture by her on Instagram.

The netizen wrote: “yeh ap jesi nawab zadio ko dekh k lrko m hawas ati hai…”

To which Zarnish replied, “hawas to un logon ko bakriyan dekh ke bhi aa jati ha. In fact bachay, baray, mard, aurat, gadhay, kuttay basically everything at sight,” adding “Tsk, Tsk grow up people.”