In a surprising turn of events within the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), party founding chief Imran Khan has reportedly instructed senior vice chairman Sher Afzal Marwat to suspend all political activities in Sindh.


Disagreements between Marwat and other party leaders, including Raoof Hasan and Barrister Hamid Khan, have escalated, leading to a temporary halt in political engagements.

Hamid Khan endorsed the statements of Raoof Hasan.

The directive from Imran Khan came a day after Marwat initially announced the suspension of the election campaign in Sindh, citing an alleged “attack” by party leaders Raoof Hasan and Hamid Khan.

“Keeping in view the statements against me by sick-minded people like Hamid Khan and Rauf Hassan, I am calling off my campaign in Sindh,” said Marwat.

However, conflicting statements emerged later after Marwat declared his intention to continue the polls campaign.

“Workers are right and I will continue campaigning for PTI in Sindh. I will not be distracted,” wrote Marwat.

In a social media post, he expressed his determination to continue campaigning for PTI in Sindh, urging party activists to confront what he referred to as “satanic forces” independently.

The internal strife unfolded after Marwat launched the PTI’s election drive in Sindh but later called it off due to statements against him by party leaders.

The controversy intensified as Marwat accused President Arif Alvi of being a “wrong number” and alleged a conspiracy against the party.

In response, Hasan and Hamid disowned Marwat’s statements, asserting that he did not represent the party’s position and had no official post within PTI.

Barrister Gohar Ali Khan, chairman of PTI, addressed the media, emphasizing the party’s commitment to democratic values and calling for unity among party members. Despite internal disagreements, he expressed confidence in Marwat’s candidacy for the upcoming elections from Lakki Marwat.

The ongoing disputes raise questions about Marwat’s purported meetings with Imran Khan in jail, with conflicting statements from PTI leaders.

While Hasan claimed no political leader was allowed to meet Imran, Gohar Ali Khan affirmed Marwat’s continued affiliation with the party.

As PTI works towards finalizing its candidate list for the February 8 elections, the internal conflicts underscore the challenges inherent in the democratic process. PTI members are urged to set aside personal differences for the party’s success in the upcoming polls.