Two weeks after Apple rolled out its own streaming service Apple TV+, Disney launched its own streaming service Disney Plus.

While Netflix, Amazon Prime and Apple Plus are spending money on original content featuring big celebs, Disney Plus offers you something different: ALL Disney content. From Disney animated classics to Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars and even 20th Century Fox content, everything under the Disney banner and more is included in Disney Plus.

Disney Plus released a 3-hour trailer last month to showcase all its programs.


By comparison, Apple had a relatively subdued launch earlier this month. At $6.99 per month, Disney Plus debuted with 10 original movies, specials and series. It is also expected to release more than 45 original programmes within a year of its launch. 

A recent study said that 40 percent of consumers would sign up for Disney Plus just because the content reminded them of their childhood.

In fact, on the first day of its launch, Disney Plus was hit by technical issues. There were many reports on social media platforms about problems accessing the service. Many users shared screenshots of error messages.

Disney Plus launched in the US, Canada and the Netherlands on Tuesday. Disney Plus will arrive in Australia and New Zealand on November 19.

Globally, Disney plans a progressive rollout worldwide over the next two years. The company provided a generalised timeline for when it will expand the service to the world’s major regions.

Disney Plus is slated to roll out in:

  • Eastern Europe over the course of a year starting as early as October 2020.
  • Latin America over the course of three months starting as early as October 2020.
  • Asia Pacific over the course of two years starting anytime.

Pakistan comes in the Asia Pacific region which means we’ll have to wait a little longer than others.