The popular messaging app owned by Meta has commenced the phased rollout of its highly anticipated function, which will soon be accessible to all users in the forthcoming weeks.

Under this innovative update, edited messages will bear a conspicuous label, indicating that modifications have been made, while preserving the confidentiality of the specific changes made. To initiate the editing process, users simply need to press and hold a message, then select the “edit” option from the convenient drop-down menu. However, it’s important to note that this edit feature remains available for a limited duration of 15 minutes after the message has been sent.

According to a blog post by the company, this new functionality aims to address instances when users make inadvertent errors or alter their thoughts, providing them with a seamless means of rectifying mistakes or supplementing additional context within their conversations. WhatsApp is truly excited to offer enhanced control over chats, empowering users to correct typographical errors or refine their message content.



WhatsApp now joins the league of other prominent messaging services like Telegram and Signal, which have already integrated the edit function into their platforms. Moreover, Twitter introduced its exclusive Edit Tweet feature for paying subscribers last year, while Facebook has allowed users to edit posts and comments for nearly a decade, albeit without extending the capability to messages until now.

Notably, WhatsApp’s latest update coincides with Meta’s recent announcement that it will introduce the ability for users to lock and conceal conversations. Through the Chat Lock feature, a specific chat thread can be discreetly removed from the app’s standard onscreen inbox and relocated to a secure folder, safeguarded by a password or advanced biometric measures such as facial recognition or fingerprint authentication. Meta emphasizes that this offers an additional layer of security, although it may potentially raise concerns in relation to the UK government’s online safety bill.

Prepare to experience an enhanced messaging experience as WhatsApp’s groundbreaking updates redefine the boundaries of user control. Stay tuned as the platform ushers in a new era of communication, offering unparalleled flexibility and security.