Pakistan will likely experience an upsurge in wheat production this year as experts are giving projections on the surplus of wheat, media reported.

A media organisation conducted surveys that say that Pakistan will produce over 28.75 million tons of wheat in 2021. This yield will break the record of 2016-17 when Pakistan produced 26.67 million tons.

Over the last two years, Pakistan had to import two million tons of wheat to cater for the shortage caused by low harvest. If the projections come true, it will eliminate the need for any imports.


On the contrary, the Federal Committee on agriculture predicted that the production would remain at 26.04 million tons while showing an increase of 1.7 per cent. The committee gave these estimations while reviewing the performance of Rabi Crops in(2020/21). But the farmers are more optimistic about harvesting a greater output of wheat in the 2020/21 season.

According to the Punjab Agriculture Department, the production of crops on the provincial level had jumped around 600,000 tons.

The news report quoted the Chairman of the Agri-Forum Pakistan, Ibrahim Mughal, as saying, “We have never heard so consistently about 40-45 maunds per acre yield by so many growers this year”.

A conducive temperature when the crop was sown has resulted in favourable prospects for high output. “Safely, we may see at least 1.5 million tons of more production than the initial estimates,” he said.