Singapore’s Changi Airport will introduce a passport-free facility for travellers next year, media reports have confirmed.

Changi Airport is one of the busiest and most beautiful airports in the world, playing host to 100 domestic and international take offs daily.

Communications Minister Josephine Teo stated in the parliament that Singapore Changi Airport is also soon to introduce automated immigration clearance, allowing passengers to travel out of the city without a passport, using only biometric data.


This would make Singapore one of the few countries to introduce automated and passport-free immigration clearance

Biometric technology and facial recognition software are already being used to some degree at immigration checkpoints at Changi Airport.

The Minister of Communications, however, clarified that passports will be required in other countries for which passengers must keep their passports nonetheless.

Apart from Singapore, Dubai is among the countries using facial recognition and fingerprints instead of passports at airports and so is Hong Kong, Tokyo, London and Delhi.