Actress Hira Mani gave a humorous reply to a fan who compared the two in terms of their appearance.

In the comments section of Hira’s picture, a devoted fan couldn’t distinguish if it was really Hira Mani or Bollywood superstar Katrina Kaif.

The fan asked, “Is this Katrina Kaif or Hira Mani?”


Obviously, this was an intentional attempt from the fan by comparing Hira with Katrina to grab her attention on his comment.

Hira’s answer was full of self-confidence and we enjoyed her words a lot.

Hira responded: “Bro Katrina Kaif ki bhi maa. Who is Katrina Kaif? Mujhy kehtey hain Hira Mani” (Bro I am mother of Katrina Kaif. Who is Katrina Kaif? People call me Hira Mani).

Hira is currently being seen in Yun Tu Hai Pyar Bohut on HUM TV.