One of the most misunderstood concepts of modernity is ‘Multitasking.’ Multitasking at our jobs and social media interactions have reduced our ability to retain focus on one thing at a time. 

However, if we introduce the practice of mindfulness in our lives – one can not only rejuvenate the complex networking of neurons of our brain but the abilities like concentration, time-management, and stress management can also be improved to phenomenal extend. 

Here are some easy mindfulness exercises which you should consider to add in your daily life:



When you’re in a stressful moment, a popular mindfulness exercise called S.T.O.P. can be helpful. 

  • Stop. Just take a momentary pause, no matter what you’re doing. 
  • Take a breath. Feel the sensation of your breathing, which brings you back to the present moment. 
  • Observe. Acknowledge what is happening, for good or bad, inside you or out. Just note it. 
  • Proceed. Having briefly checked in with the present moment, continue with whatever it was you were doing. 


Another very useful technique that can be practiced in group forms is by practicing it in the office with your colleagues. Meetings can be wastage of time when people aren’t listening. Here is how you can introduce mindfulness in your office meetings:

  • No phones or computers allowed at meetings, whenever possible. 
  • If you need a note taker, have one person act as secretary and circulate the notes afterward. 
  • Give uninterrupted opportunities to speak to people in the meeting. 

Mindfulness works; that is why from Google to General Mills, they have started teaching mindfulness in their offices. You should do it as well.