Why Robert Pattinson is the next big thing


Last night, Robert Pattinson was announced as the new Batman, beating out several other actors, including Nicholas Hoult and replacing Ben Affleck as the Caped Crusader. As per media reports, the reason why Affleck was replaced is because the last two films, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League received mixed reviews and were a disappointment for Warner Bros.

The 33-year-old Twilight heartthrob is set to play the vigilante superhero in a standalone movie called The Batman, under the direction of Matt Reeves. Filming is expected to start in the coming months with the film slated to release in June 2021.

Meanwhile, Robert has already begun filming for Christopher Nolan’s epic espionage thriller Tenet. Nolan has kept the film tightly under wraps which is why not much information is available on Robert’s role. However, the actor said that Tenet “is the craziest thing I’ve seen in years.” The film which has John David Washington in the lead also starres Bollywood actress Dimple Kapadia, Clémence Poésy and Michael Caine. It will be shot in seven countries including India (Mumbai) and is expected to release in summer 2020.

Pattinson, who shot to fame as teenage vampire Edward Cullen in the Twilight saga, has avoided the spotlight in recent years, evolving from a teenage heartthrob to an indie darling. He recently starred in acclaimed French director Claire Denis’s sci-fi mystery High Life, which earned him critical praise. He also stars in The Lighthouse, a dark fantasy horror film that was well-received at this year’s Cannes Film Festival.

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