A woman in Lahore wears a clown costume every day to earn her living to avoid begging on the streets, reported Samaa News.

Saima wanted to become a doctor but she had no idea that she would be working as a clown on the streets of Lahore.

I have lost a lot in life,” Saima said on Samaa TV’s show Naya Din. “First my father, who died with his dreams, and then my own aspirations.”


Saima’s father and two brothers passed away within just three years. She had to earn in order to support her ill mother as no one from her family or friends came forward to support her in these difficult times.

Saima tried to find a suitable job while pursuing her education but due to a tough schedule couldn’t take up any of the jobs as she had to take care of her mother as well. She managed to find one job, which seemed to accommodate her timings.

“Things went smoothly for four months,” Saima said. But then her boss started making inappropriate demands from her, such as going out for a meal with him.

“He said in a meeting that I was his wife,” Saima recalled. Saima left he job after being warned of a culture of harassment and exploitation at her organisation by one of her friends who had worked there before.

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She left the job and was so needy that she even considered begging on the streets.

But then she saw a kid dressed up as a clown to entertain other children to earn a living. This inspired her and gave her an idea of doing the same. “That child taught me such a great lesson that I could do anything for my mother,” said Saima. When she started working as a clown she felt as if the Saima in her had “died”.

But even this job is not easy. She has been slapped and called names by men on the street, some of whom think she is a man or transgender behind the mask. She earns Rs700 to Rs800 a day.

Meanwhile, Chief Minister Punjab, Usman Buzdar has contacted Saima to help her.