A woman in Indonesia faked her own death to avoid giving back a loan she owed.

The alleged scam artist — known only as “L” — reportedly owed an undisclosed sum to her associate Maya Gunawan, with the cash initially due to be paid on Nov. 20.
According to details, when the woman was unable to procure the money, she asked Gunawan to extend the payment date till Dec. 6.

That day came and went — and Gunawan was shocked when she logged onto Facebook Dec. 12 to discover a post from L’s daughter announcing her mom had been killed in a car crash.


According to the post, L had passed away following an incident on a bridge close to her home in Medan, North Sumatra. The post also said that she would be laid to rest 370 miles away in Banda Aceh.

The daughter, who claimed her mother had hacked into her Facebook account to write the lie, reportedly acknowledged the post was false.
According to the Daily Star, the picture of the gurney the daughter put up in the post was reportedly borrowed from a TV show, and the pictures of L in a shroud were taken to “make her lie more convincing.”