In an attempt to help Pakistan’s flood-affected farmers, the World Bank will provide financial support of $22.2 million.

A delegation led by the World Bank’s South Asia Regional Director for Sustainable Development, John A Roome, met with the Federal Minister for National Food Security and Research, Tariq Bashir Cheema.

The discussion at the meeting focused on the farmer community and food security, as well as the rehabilitation and relief operations in the flood-affected areas.


According to the minister, rain and flooding have wreaked havoc on the agricultural industry and destroyed the farming community. In order to restore normalcy, he claimed that at this crucial moment, all attention is being paid to restoration efforts in the flood-affected districts.

He mentioned the government’s intention to provide subsidies for fertiliser and seeds to help the impacted farmers. According to the idea, the federal government will cost-share with the provinces to give farmers discounted inputs for the upcoming Rabi season.

“We plan to provide subsidized wheat and edible oil seeds, and one fertilizer bag per acre to farmers in the calamity-hit areas,” he said.

Provincial governments and the National Disaster Management Authority will handle the disbursement. He believed that with this support, farmers will be able to stand up again.

According to John A. Roome, the World Bank would assist Pakistan by funding initiatives aimed at rebuilding the devastated neighbourhood. He consented to assist the World Bank’s Locust Emergency and Food Security (LEAFS) initiative in rehabilitating the farming community in the afflicted districts and locust-stricken regions. He said that the World Bank is assisting the farming community by collaborating with provincial agriculture agencies.

He stated that he would ask the World Bank Group Board to extend aid to Pakistan as it attempts to recover from the damage brought on by unheard-of floods. The minister also praised the World Bank Group’s support at a time when assistance was most needed for the country.