Team Pakistan started their campaign in the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup in Hyderabad Deccan today, where Netherlands won the toss and decided to field first against Pakistan.

In the second match of the ICC Men’s World Cup, Pakistan got off to a winning start in the event by easily defeating the Netherlands by 81 runs.

In the first inning, Pakistan set a target of 287 runs, after having scored 286 runs in 49 overs. Saud Shakeel and Mohammad Rizwan were the top scorers, scoring 68 and 68 runs respectively. Van de Leede took four wickets each.


The Netherlands team was bowled out for 205 runs in 41 overs. Bes de Leda scored 67 runs and Vikramjeet Singh scored 52 runs. Haris Rauf took three wickets.

Live Update:

Pakistan won by 81 runs

NETHERLANDS 205 After (42 Overs)

Haris Rauf bowled out van Makereen on 7 runs.

NETHERLANDS 202/9 After (40 Overs)

NETHERLANDS 186/9 After (37.1 Overs)

Hassan Ali bowled out Aryan Dutt on 1 run.

NETHERLANDS 176/8 After (36 Overs)

Netherlands has lost his 8th wicket. Van de Merve run out on 4 runs by Babar Azam+Rizwan.

NETHERLANDS 164/7 After (33.2 Overs)

What a bowled by Muhammad Nawaz. Bas de Leede bowled out on the second ball of 34th over. He scored 67 runs on 68 balls.

NETHERLANDS 158/6 After (32.2 Overs)

Shaheen Afridi gets his first wicket as Zulfiqar got LBW on the first ball of 33rd over.

NETHERLANDS 137/5 After (28 Overs)

Haris Rauf back-to-back wickets, Teja Nadamanuru and Scot Edwards return towards pavilion.

NETHERLANDS 120/3 After (24 Overs)

Pakistan gets its much needed wicket of Vikramjeet Singh. Fakhar Zaman caught a good running catch on the ball of Shadab Khan.

NETHERLANDS 98/2 After (20 Overs)

NETHERLANDS 60/2 After (15 Overs)

NETHERLANDS 50/2 After (11.1 Overs)

Second Wicket down! Iftikhar bowled out Ackeremann on first ball of 12th over.

NETHERLANDS 47/1 After (10 Overs)

NETHERLANDS 28/1 After (6 Overs)

Netherlands loses its first wicket as Max O’Dowd caught on 5th ball of sixth over on the ball of Hassan Ali.

PAKISTAN 286 After (49 OVERS)

Pakistani team all out on total of 286 runs in 49 overs. Muhammad Rizwan and Saud Shakeel were top Scorer with 68 runs each. Bas de Leede took 4 wickets from Netherlands side.

PAKISTAN 258/8 After (45 OVERS)

PAKISTAN 227/6 After (40 OVERS)

PAKISTAN 199/6 After (36 OVERS)

PAKISTAN 170/4 After (30 OVERS)

PAKISTAN 135/3 After (24 OVERS)

PAKISTAN 78/3 After (15 OVERS)

PAKISTAN 43/3 After (10 OVERS)

Imam ul Haq caught out by Van Meekeren on 15 runs.

PAKISTAN 34/2 After (8.3 OVERS)

Pakistan loses its second wicket as Babar Azam was caught out on the 3rd ball of eighth over by Ackermann.

PAKISTAN 18/1 After (5 OVERS)

PAKISTAN 16/1 After (4 OVERS)

Pakistan loses its first wicket as Fakhar Zaman was caught out on the 3rd ball of fourth over by Vaan Beek.

Netherlands wins the toss, decides to bowl first.