The prices of Yamaha’s motorcycle lineup have increased, with the hike reaching as high as Rs26,500 and the new pricing taking effect from July 1st.

According to Brecorder, the development comes a day after Atlas Honda raised the prices of its lineup.

Yamaha’s YB125Z has seen a price hike of Rs23,500, bringing the current cost to Rs255,000. The cost of the YB125Z DX also increased by Rs25,000. The updated cost is Rs273,500.



After a Rs25,500 price increase, the YBR125 will now be available for Rs280,500. The cost of the YBR125G rose from Rs26,500 to Rs292,000. The cost of the YBR125G (Matte Dark Gray) has also gone up by Rs26,500 and will now be available for Rs295,000.

Last month, the company similarly raised the price of bikes by between Rs21,000 and Rs23,000. Motorcycle producers at the time cited rising raw material costs, rising international freight charges, and the ongoing depreciation of the rupee as causes.

Sabir Sheikh, Chairman of the Association of Pakistan Motorcycle Assemblers (APMA), stated that the recently enacted super tax of 10 per cent and the weakening rupee are to blame for the increase.