Sadaf Kanwal received backlash on social media for her gendered statements in a recent interview.

A few prominent members of the entertainment fraternity expressed their support for the Alif star.

Ahmed Ali Butt, known for his comedy roles, came forward and shunned those who are bullying Sadaf Kanwal over her remarks. He called out people who are making a mockery of a woman.


His wife Fatima Khan also shared her thoughts on the matter, saying: “Liberals fail to practice what they preach about tolerance.”

She also wrote a detailed note on women attacking a woman.

Actor and host Noor Bukhari also supported Sadaf, saying that whatever she said is in accordance with the true teachings of Islam.

Recently, Yasir Hussain took to social media bashed the bloggers who are using dancing pictures of the actor.

“Mujhy aik samajh nahi aati k Sadaf ki 50 hazar Khoobsurat pictures mai se ye aik dance wali picture hi kyon post ki jati hai? Dance buri cheez nahi magar mai bloggers ki is image building ko bakhoobi samajhta hun,” wrote Yasir addressing the social media websites.

Earlier, Ali Abbas came in support of Sadaf saying that it is her husband and she can treat him the way she likes to do it.