Actor Yasir Hussain recently made an appearance on The Talk Talk Show, hosted by Hassan Choudary, where Yasir revealed an actor he doesn’t want to work with.

He said, “I suppose Ahsan Khan finds me dull. Please do ask him why he finds working with me boring.” He claims that I am uninteresting, despite the fact that I am fond of him.

In 2017, Ahsan called out Yasir for his joke about his role in Udaari, while recording an award show skit.



“I worked very hard in Udaari, I risked my career by playing the role of a child molester, just so the entire team of Udaari could spread awareness about it. So at the HUM awards, when Yasir Hussain made that remark I honestly felt bad, more so at the audience from the educated class that was laughing with him.”

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He further added, “The character of Imtiaz is not a joke. Ehtesham worked so hard on this project and you cannot just associate the sensitivity of the topic with a joke. But as hurt as I was, one thing I would like to say is that Yasir called me to apologize and he has also issued a public apology.

However later the two bonded on Ahsan’s chat show.


Earlier this year, Yasir opened up about his spat with actress Hira Tareen on Wajahat Rauf’s chat show. The Jhooti star was asked about actress Hira Tareen’s statement recently about him and his craft, Yasir said that he doesn’t even know her at all.

The Koel director stated that all he knows about her is that she is his friend’s spouse and even if she abuses him on the road, he’ll not react.

In November 2021, the celebrity couple Ali Safina and Hira Tareen, who tied the knot back in 2013, made an appearance on Time Out on Ahsan Khan.

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The Khaas star declared her dislikeness for actor and writer Yasir Hussain.

She mentioned that she doesn’t like Yasir’s acting skills at all, adding that he lacks basic manners (tameez), “It’s about how you talk to people”.