Filmmaker Yasir Nawaz has outdone himself as far as aesthetics, scale and filmmaking is concerned, going by the colourful trailer of his forthcoming biggie, Chakkar.

The trailer for the Neelam Muneer, Ahsan Khan and Yasir Nawaz starrer ‘Chakkar’ has dropped and it’s definitely one that raises numerous questions.

The scale and the grandeur of the film adds to its cinematic appeal. Neelam’s wardrobe and styling is done appropriately for the feature film’s format. More experiment could have been done with Ahsan’s look. Yasir Nawaz looks impactful in his mysterious role.


Produced by Nida Yasir and Yasir Nawaz under the Farid Nawaz Productions banner, this multi-starrer narrates the tale of two twin sisters, one of whom (Zara) is deeply entrenched in the world of glitz and glamor, much to the dismay of the other twin’s husband, played by Ahsan. Nawaz’s directorial feat takes an interesting turn when the twins pull a switcheroo, with Khan’s wife taking the place of her twin at shoots while he is away.

In doing so, she comes face to face with the dramatic upheavals of the industry. This switch is complete with a murder taking place, with the world thinking it is Zara who has been brutally killed. Then the investigation begins in earnest, with numerous suspects at play. However, Khan ends up becoming a prime suspect as well, due to his unfavorable demeanor towards Zara, owing to their interpersonal disagreements.

The investigation is led by Yasir’s character, and with action scenes inundating the trailer as well, one does develop hints of anticipation towards the eventual release of the film.

It is set to be released on Eid-ul-Fitr, Chakkar posits itself to be a murder mystery, with all the promise of masala that desi audiences have grown to love.