Younis Khan has finally broken his silence on a feud with Hassan Ali.

According to reports, Khan said Ali had apologised to him after their heated exchange of words, and that the two had moved past the incident.

“Hassan Ali apologised to me, and I had forgiven him,” Younis Khan said in a statement. “To play up the Hassan Ali incident [and use it] as a possible reason for my resignation comes as a surprise to me,” he added.


Speaking about his resignation, Khan said he had kept silent over the matter in the larger interest of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) and Pakistani cricket. Khan clarified that it was PCB’s Strength and Conditioning Coach Yasir Malik who had requested him to speak to Hassan Ali about taking an ice bath.

“I have never looked towards the PCB for a job or for any position,” he said. “I was approached for the position [of batting coach] by the Board,” added the former batsman.

Senior Pakistan sports reporter Saj Sadiq tweeted about the spat between Younis Khan and Hassan Ali a few days ago, stating that a verbal fight between the two took place when Ali refused to take an ice bath as suggested by Khan.

As per Sadiq, the altercation got to the point where the two had to be separated by coaching staff members and other team players. 

A day earlier, Sadiq spoke more about the incident, saying that Khan had allegedly locked himself in a room and refused to talk to Ali, even after the fast bowler had apologised to him.

The news of the heated exchange between the two was reported after Khan stepped down from his position as batting coach a few days ago.