Former captain of Pakistan Men’s cricket team Younis Khan has said that if he had to resign from his batting coach position over the incident with Hassan Ali, he would have done so four or five months ago. “My resignation does not match with the rhythm of the incident with Ali.”

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“I was told that Hassan Ali was sorry, so I went to him myself,” Khan said in 11th Hour.


Explaining the reasons for his resignation as batting coach, the former captain said that the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) did not tell him about the bio-secure bubble for England tour. He had a surgery but he was informed later that his flight has been booked.

Khan said the doctor’s call came on June 22 that you have not joined the bio-secure bubble, I told him I have surgery I can’t come in the bio-secure bubble.

“I got another call. I can’t tell you his name yet. I told him I have surgery. I can’t join. I am exhausted. He said if you don’t come, there could be a situation like Muhammad Hafeez. The caller said that just like what happened to Hafeez, it can also happen to you,” shared the 2009 T20 World Cup captain.

“I told him that I am not Hafeez but Younis Khan and I have no other option, if I will not be respected then how will a player be respected,” he questioned.

The former captain further said: “I complained to the MD PCB about the NHPC coaches, telling Wasim Khan how outsiders were giving tips when we were there. I was the batting coach of the national team and I was being ignored. If I’ll go to the PCB again, I will write everything on a contract.”

Host Wasim Badami asked if it was Zakir Khan who called him from PCB. Khan said that he resigned because of the call but will not reveal that person’s name.

2009 uprising: “Shahid Afridi may be the mastermind if he has said that”

Younis shared about the 2009 uprising that anyone could have been the mastermind of the incident. “I don’t know, it seems that the whole matter was about the captaincy.”


The former captain said that the one who spoke in front of the PCB Chairman would be the mastermind of the incident, and if Shahid Afridi spoke, then maybe he was the mastermind.

He said that Afridi came to Lahore from Karachi to meet the PCB Chairman. A player also took the Holy Quran from me to take an oath against me. A player was sent to me to bring the Holy Quran. He told me that he wants to recite the Quran before the match.

Badami asked if the player who came to get the Holy Quran was Umar Akmal. On this, Younis Khan said that there are big leaks in the PCB and news has always been leaking.

Khan said that if a player makes a mistake in the match, you cannot ask him, otherwise, problems will arise. Doubts will arise. And next time, if the player gets out by hitting a short, then what should be done, if the player does not ask for guidance, then there will be suspicions of spot-fixing.

In response to a question, Khan said that for the last five years he used to stay locked in his room and play his cricket.