ARY News has reported that Zahir Jaffer has confessed to the murder of Noor Mukadam. Police have also gathered video evidence, reportedly of Noor being tortured by Zahir.

ARY sources have said that Zahir confessed to the police but has kept changing the reasons for murdering her.

Reportedly, Noor managed to run away from Zahir after jumping from the balcony and hide inside the security guards room. Zahir chased after her and found her in the room and dragged her out. The guards were present but no one stopped Zahir from taking Noor back to the room where he proceeded to murder and behead her.


“There were more people present who had witnessed Noor Mukadam being dragged by him. Zahir Jaffer had tortured Noor consistently for three hours,” ARY sources have stated to the network.

Zahir Jaffer was taken back into police custody after a court gave them an extension on the physical remand.

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Islamabad police had arrested Zahir’s parents and two security guards for assistance in crime, hiding evidence, tampering with evidence in order to save the accused, and complicity, officials said.

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