Zahir Zakir Jaffer, the main accused in the July 20 murder of Noor Mukadam, was taken to the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) in Islamabad on Wednesday afternoon with a headache, according to doctors at the hospital, Arab News reported.

“Zahir Jaffer was brought to the PIMS emergency room today afternoon for a checkup,” Khawaja said. “He was checked for a headache and his blood pressure and temperature were also noted, which were found to be normal.”

A doctor at PIMS, Waseem Khawaja, confirmed this to Arab News saying that Jaffer was brought to the hospital but was discharged after a brief check up.


“Nothing to be worried about, he was found to be in good health,” the doctor added.

Deputy Executive Director Dr Zulfiqar Ghauri, also confirmed the news to Arab News.