Zahir Jaffer, alleged killer of Noor Mukadam, was taken to Lahore on Friday with heavy security to undergo a polygraph test at the Punjab forensic lab. It has been reported that experts at the lab asked him 20 questions and also conducted forensic analysis of the CCTV footage of the incident.

GEO News has reported that before the test was taken, Zahir kept trying to make excuses and also acted like he had fainted.

Zahir Jaffer’s remand was extended two days ago for another three days by a court in Islamabad. During the hearing, Zahir’s lawyer had said that if a forensic exam of the CCTV footage had to be done, it should be done by taking photos since the weapons and mobile phones had been recovered. There was no need to take Zahir to Lahore, he argued. The prosecution said the suspect has to be taken to Lahore. “If a photo was enough, we would not have asked for [the] remand,” he said.


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The public prosecutor also stated that even in the case of Usman Mirza, a man in Islamabad who allegedly assaulted and harassed a couple, they had taken all the suspects to Lahore.

Later, the court granted a three-day extension in the remand. Zahir will now be produced before the court on July 31.