Therapy Works CEO Dr Tahir Zahoor, while addressing a press conference on Saturday, said that Zahir Jaffer is an alcoholic who has been playing lunatic after murdering Noor Mukadam.

“We went to a medical scene, not a crime scene,” he added.

“We were interested only in getting the boy out safely. We had no crime scene before us. It could be confirmed by the servants and the CCTV [footage]. He (Jaffer) was completely normal before the police arrived. As soon as the police entered, he started the drama,” Zahoor said.


Dr Tahir Zahoor also said that when they called Zahir’s father to inform him about Noor’s dead body, he said that maybe Zahir murdered her because of over-drinking. He added that the reaction of Zahir’s father was normal, Hum News has reported.


Earlier, during a police investigation, it was revealed that Jaffer informed his father on July 20 about what he had done to the victim, and in response, the suspect’s father contacted Therapy Works, seeking its help in getting his son out of the house.