Khawaja Harris, who is representing Zahir’s parents — Zakir Jaffer and Ismat Adamjee — read out the confessional statement of Zahir Jaffer today in Islamabad High Court, Geo News has reported. The lawyer was presenting his arguments during a hearing on their bail application.

The statement made by the suspect in police custody, according to Harris, has no legal standing. He stated that the suspect’s statement must be recorded in front of a magistrate.

In his arguments, Harris said that one sentence changes the shape of the whole case. “What was the role of the father? Only the recovery is mentioned in the memo of recovery, so how did his statement get included,” Khawaja Harris asked.


The case, according to Harris, was not that complicated.

Earlier, during a hearing on September 6, Zahir asked police officials to keep media persons out of the courtroom. “We have privacy, keep the media out of the courtroom.”