Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) co-chairman and former president Asif Ali Zardari has called Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan an “immigrant”, adding that those who migrated to the country “had nothing to do with its creation”.

Addressing the joint session of the parliament held to discuss the recent developments in Indian occupied Kashmir (IoK), the ex-president suggested that migrants had nothing to do with the creation of Pakistan.

“I come from Sindh. Sindh and Bangladesh created Pakistan. It was not you who created Pakistan, you were a migrant,” Zardari said. “You were made to flee from there and you came to seek refuge here.”


The premier’s father, Ikramullah Niazi, was born in Mianwali, while his mother Shaukat Khanum was born in Jalandhar and migrated to Pakistan after partition.

“You [migrants] are most welcome here, Pakistan was created to accommodate all Muslims,” the former president said further in an attempt to rectify his outrageous statement.