Senior actor Firdous Jamal recently appeared on Ahmad Ali Butt’s chat show, Super Over. On the show, the veteran performer slammed superstars Humayun Saeed and Faysal Qureshi’s acting skills.

While he scored Faysal’s acting as 4/10, he had much more to say about Humayun’s acting chops. Jamal said, “Humayun Saeed has no voice, no character, and nothing like that.” He also said that there are still fools who think he’s a talented actor. “

Amidst the ongoing interview, Zarnish Khan condemned his statements and shared her own experience with the actor. “He cracks me up with his weird issues with things and people, (No offense intended). So long time ago, we were doing a project together and out of respect I said “AOA Firdous uncle, how are you?” and he got pissed ke BB Mainy showbiz industry is lye join nahi ki thi ke log mujhai kabhi uncle bolain. I was like ummmm! Okay then, AOA FIRDOUS SAHAB, “if that works for you.” Uncle or no uncle, he could have been polite. Never mind!”


Host and actress Mathira was quick to comment on Zarnish’s post. The Blind Love starlet termed Jamal as an “unhappy negative soul”.

Mathira then also posted an Instagram story regarding Jamal’s recent comments.