From One Direction heartthrob to a major pop sensation, Zayn Malik turns 29 years old on January 12 and fans in India marked his big day by arranging donations to send out medical meals for those in need.

Late Wednesday, Zayn took to his Instagram Stories to share a post from a fan account named @zaynie4u that showed them distributing meals to people in need at public hospitals on behalf of the singer as part of his project to birthday.

“We have so far donated more than 100 medical meals to people in need who are admitted in government hospitals,” ‘Shelly’ the account owner explained in the caption.


“What started as a Zayn’s birthday project turned out to be so much bigger than that. I’m proud and grateful to everyone who participated,” they added.

Responding to the food drive, the singer lauded the effort, saying, “This is incredible. So proud of you guys – makes me happy. You’re the best.”