Actor Usman Mukhtar has opened up on being harassed, bullied and blackmailed by a woman on social media since the last few years.

Taking to Instagram stories, the Parchi star wrote: “I have been harassed, blackmailed, bullied online for one year and a half by this woman.”

He also said that the harassment was reported to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA). He said that the FIA took a year to trace the woman, adding, “Another half a year to summon her after calling her multiple times.”


“My Family and friends have been targeted with harassment and disparaging comments, specially Amma, my mental health has suffered, my axiety has been messing with my health because of this person. I stayed quiet and let the authorities deal with it. However, i’m just tired.”

The Anaa actor further shared: “I had wanted to resolve this quietly, in order to not bring negative attention onto a woman, but I can’t remain silent in good conscience while my character is constantly being maligned. He also shared complete story of the whole incident that how a female artist who worked with him in 2016, started making false claims against Mukhtar on digital platforms.

The Sabaat actor also said that he respects every woman’s right to freedom of speech and he will believe a woman who will come out and and to share a claim of harassment or abuse despite his experience of false claims.

In his last post, he shared a screenshot of a message sent by the same woman to the 36-year-old actor.