The Lahore Police has finalised the security measures for Youm-e-Ashur. For the 10th of Muharram, more than 10,000 police officers and security personnel, including 370 female authorities will be on duty.

The provincial capital will host 227 majalis and 47 funeral processions. Pillion riding will be completely prohibited on the 9th (today) and 10th (tomorrow) of Muharram.

On the paths of the major processions, it has been determined to halt mobile service at particular periods. The security of the main processions will be patrolled by more than 21 teams of Elite, 21 teams of PRU, and 26 teams of Dolphin Squad, according to The News.


The organisers were also given instructions to make sure the code of conduct was followed in this regard.


Using a video link, commissioners and regional police officers (RPOs) from all around Punjab gathered. The meeting was updated on the security preparations for Muharram by the additional chief secretary for the interior.

The Regional Police Officers and Divisional Commissioners who were all present via video link gave a presentation to the audience on the security measures put in place in their respective divisions.

Punjab Minister Raja Basharat instructed Commissioners and Regional Police Officers to personally inspect the security measures on the procession routes. He recommended adding more CCTV cameras to the procession’s established pathways.

The provincial ministers will also visit various regions to examine the security measures, as will the Cabinet Sub-Committee on Law and Order.