capricorn horoscope

Sunday’s skies have you snapping into a productive mode of action, Capricorn. The moon spends the day roaming through versatile Gemini, encouraging you to get ahead of your to-do list and manage your affairs efficiently. Luna’s smooth link with mentally-sharp Mercury makes it easy to chip away at career-based endeavors, but her argument with lover Venus and hazy Neptune later can illuminate unhealed wounds around relationships.

aquarius horoscope

Pleasure reigns supreme under Sunday’s skies, Aquarius. Save mundane obligations for another time — you need a creative connection to your self-expression. Aim to activate your sense of romance and artistry to re-invigorate your life force as the moon’s link with expressive Mercury makes it easy to activate mental staying power. Later, Luna’s squabble with bond-focused Venus and hazy Neptune can highlight unspoken issues around friend groups.

pisces horoscope

  Sunday’s cosmic landscape calls you underground into a cozy world of your own design, Pisces. You’re in need of a soft and gentle day among your closest of kin as the moon wades through pensive Gemini. Luna’s smooth link with Mercury encourages deep, heartfelt conversations and offers ample room for them to provide healing. Later, the moon’s disagreement with lover Venus and unrealistic Neptune can stoke career tensions.

aries horoscope

Sunday’s cosmic landscape puts you on the go, Aries. The moon bounces through versatile Gemini, encouraging you to engage in communicative efforts and cultivate local movement in your neighborhood. Luna’s supportive link with expressive Mercury makes it easy to reach compromises and have smooth running conversations. Later, the moon’s squabble with hazy Neptune and lover Venus may take idealism a step too far in partnership matters.

taurus horoscope

Get a head start on productive tasks today, Taurus. Tackling your to-do list helps you feel your best — if that’s meal prep, laundry, or chipping away at personal projects. Luna’s smooth link with communicative Mercury makes it easy to keep your head clear and move quickly. Later, disregarded emotional issues around relationships can make an appearance as the moon butts heads with reality-dissolving Neptune and other-oriented Venus.

gemini horoscope

As a Gemini, you can get so lost in your head that you disregard your physical being. Sunday’s skies remind you to establish a healthier relationship with your body as the moon marches through your sign. Luna’s easygoing connection with messenger Mercury facilitates ease of action on the creative and romantic front, but her disagreement with hazy Neptune and lover Venus later can highlight relationship issues.

cancer horoscope

Crawl into your cozy shell today, Cancer. You’re in the mood to do some solitary reflection. Today’s skies find the moon moving through pensive Gemini, encouraging you to devote time to journaling, decluttering, and rest. Luna’s link with Mercury makes it easy to engage in smooth-running family conversations, but her entanglement with visionary Neptune and value-setting Venus can highlight disappointments on the work front later on.

leo horoscope

Make Sunday’s skies dial up your need for social connection, Leo. Call up your friends and make plans to meet for brunch, or simply aim to strengthen ties from the comfort of your home by reaching out to those you care about. Luna’s supportive connection with glib Mercury makes conversation easy to flow, but her disagreement with lover Venus and spacey Neptune can highlight relationship idealisms that blur reality.

virgo horoscope

You’re always one step ahead, Virgo. That’s why Sunday’s skies find you mulling over your larger aspirations and addressing important changes to be made concerning your career. Luna’s sweet link with chatty Mercury makes it easy to work with mental stamina towards whatever you set your intentions on accomplishing. Later, the moon’s square with other-oriented Venus and reality-bending Neptune can irritate sensitive family bonds.

libra horoscope

 Escape your usual weekend routine, Libra. You’re craving excitement and a change of scenery! The moon dances through curious Gemini, encouraging you to explore educational pursuits, mull over travel plans, and break out of your comfort zone. Luna’s sweet link with Mercury provides you with speed and mental clarity, while her disagreement with heart-felt Venus and idealistic Neptune later can open up unfinished relationship conversations

scorpio horoscope

You’re running extra sensitive under Sunday’s skies, Scorpio. Let yourself cozy up and confide in those closest to you as you sort through some of your messier emotions. It’s an ideal day for tackling relationship issues head-on, as the moon’s smooth link with expressive Mercury offers clarity and understanding in heavy topics. Later, the moon’s squabble with dreamy Neptune and bond-building Venus can stoke financial worries.

sagittarius horoscope

What’s happening in your closest relationships, Sagittarius? The universe directs your focus towards these cherished connections today as the moon floats through your opposite sign of quick thinking Gemini. Luna’s supportive connection with expressive Mercury makes it an ideal day for communing with friends or partners, but her disagreement with idealistic Neptune and romance-craving Venus, later on, can provoke unhealed issues on the home front.