capricorn horoscope

Messages may creep in from beyond the veil as you sleep.

aquarius horoscope

Give yourself a pep talk this morning.

pisces horoscope

It may be challenging to stir from your slumber this morning.

aries horoscope

Your mind may lag a bit when you awaken this morning.

taurus horoscope

Don’t feel like you have to keep up with others this morning.

gemini horoscope

The pressure of your responsibilities could make it difficult to find beauty in the present this morning.

cancer horoscope

Try not to let fear hold you back from pursuing your dreams this morning.

leo horoscope

Do something special for your family today.

virgo horoscope

Watch out for tension within romantic and professional spheres this morning.

libra horoscope

Disorganization could cause you to lose faith in your dreams this morning.

scorpio horoscope

You may have to give in to family demands today.

sagittarius horoscope

 It may be difficult to grab hold of your emotions this morning.