capricorn horoscope

 It’s an ideal day to immerse yourself in a writing project or reach out to someone you can have a heart to heart with.

aquarius horoscope

Send your focus towards your workflow today.

pisces horoscope

Your intuitive abilities are skyrocketing today, and it’s all thanks to the moon’s monthly transit through your sign.

aries horoscope

Seek out a punching bag or a sappy movie today whatever you need to let your emotions knock out your needling rationality.

gemini horoscope

Today’s energy isn’t ideal especially with so many mutable energies at play. Don’t hesitate to take a step back.

cancer horoscope

You’re craving to break free from your routine today and are likely to find your mind hungry for fresh information and perspectives. 

leo horoscope

Spend some time away from society today. You’re in the mood to slip away into a dream world around love and romance, so let yourself indulge without taking it too far.

virgo horoscope

Today’s a perfect time for you to organize that little soiree you’ve been contemplating.

libra horoscope

Monday’s skies crack open the floodgates and help your emotions flow freely without judgment.

scorpio horoscope

It’s time to do what you do best, fantasize, and manifest your heart’s desires.

sagittarius horoscope

Take a moment to go inward and prioritize your emotional needs.