aries horoscope

you’ll need to tap into your optimism and gratitude.

taurus horoscope

Allow your emotions to guide you

gemini horoscope

Take note of which routines and activities contribute to your sense of wellness

cancer horoscope

Your mind will be a busy place

leo horoscope

Try not to move too boldly or impulsively

virgo horoscope

you’ll want to stay in the loop with your professional contacts 

libra horoscope
Take a moment to reflect on your psyche before starting the day

scorpio horoscope

choose your battles wisely 

sagittarius horoscope

Plan on treating your body to some extra TLC later 

capricorn horoscope

You won’t have patience for any dead weight in your life

aquarius horoscope

You’ll be in a decisive and bold mood

pisces horoscope

 try not to let anyone take you for granted