capricorn horoscope

Get off the career ladder today and stop working so hard to move yourself upward.

aquarius horoscope

More than anything else, you need to connect with people who make you happy today.

pisces horoscope

Unexpected news or conversations could find you this afternoon.

aries horoscope

Take some time to honor your emotions this morning.

taurus horoscope

A friend may call on you for emotional support today.

gemini horoscope

It’s irrelevant how much people like your ideas. Just get them out there today!

cancer horoscope

Emotional breakthroughs and moments of enlightenment are likely to find you this afternoon.

leo horoscope

Emotional release will find you today.

virgo horoscope

Pleasant surprises will manifest within your love life this afternoon.

libra horoscope

There’s conflict all around you today, but you’ll find it easy to turn away from.

scorpio horoscope

This day may require a lot of organization, so start out with a thorough plan.

sagittarius horoscope

The more you love yourself, the more others will do the same today.