capricorn horoscope

You are the spark that lights the fire today. Make sure you’re pointing in the right direction! Whatever you want, you can get started today, so stop thinking about it and get busy!

aquarius horoscope

Trust that the love you both crave and deserve will follow. Whether it be about a romantic fling or a flirtatious gesture, something significant is being brought to your conscious awareness.

pisces horoscope

 Today’s weather is reminding you of your sparkling self-worth and more importantly, it’s inspiring you to be more authentic when it comes to your love language.

aries horoscope

Try to work that mojo of yours, but a bit more quietly this time, PLEASE! You need to nod a lot more than usual, but you can also get your way with much greater certainty than usual!

taurus horoscope

One of the most important lunations of the year is on your doorstep. The new moon emerges in your sign under Tuesday’s skies, bringing with it some powerful potential for your personal growth.

gemini horoscope

Single or attached, one thing’s for sure. Important conversations are bound to take place today. Remember, thinking is more important to you than doing today.

cancer horoscope

Your life gets a little tougher today, though you can see that it’s just a little glitch rather than a sign of weirdness to come. It’s a good day for you to focus on what’s right in front of you.

leo horoscope

It’s a brand new energetic day in relation to your work and career sector. Sometimes what seems like the problem is really just a symptom. Go deep.

virgo horoscope

A powerful shift in your perception of life is on the way. It may feel subtle now, but you’re beginning to see your life from a totally new vantage point. 

libra horoscope

 Today brings both, your intellectual and romantic attention to themes that revolve around expansion, and the possibility of indulging in a completely different lifestyle than the one you’re currently living

scorpio horoscope

Woah, whether you’re single or already attached, you could partake in an important pow-wow with a lover today, so keep your eyes peeled. Your intuitive senses are also at their peak.

sagittarius horoscope

Whether it be an important conversation, or a message headed your way, something significant will be brought to your attention. So get a grip or you may slide farther than you would want. Hang tight!!