Bringing attention to a little-known emergency lifeline, popular TikToker Jannat Mirza and her father, a police officer, have teamed up to spread awareness about the significance of dialling 1124 during accidents—an alternative to the widely recognised 1122 emergency number.

Jannat Mirza, celebrated for her engaging content and impactful messages on social media, is stepping up her influence to highlight the importance of the 1124 emergency helpline. In a recent video, she shared her personal experiment evaluating the responsiveness of the 1124 service.

“I put the 1124 helpline to the test,” Jannat Mirza revealed to her followers. “I was genuinely surprised by the quick response I received.” She recounted a simulation where she mimicked an accident scenario and dialled 1124. Almost instantly, a responsive team was dispatched and promptly arrived at the specified location.


Emphasising the critical role of the 1124 helpline, Jannat Mirza’s father, an experienced police officer, stated, “While many are familiar with 1122, being aware of 1124 is equally crucial. The goal is to offer timely assistance, and this helpline allows us to do precisely that.”

The collaborative video by Jannat Mirza and her father aims to bridge the information gap surrounding emergency services.

Given that accidents can occur unexpectedly, knowing the appropriate channels to seek help is imperative. Jannat Mirza’s firsthand encounter and her father’s professional insights collectively underscore the efficiency of the 1124 emergency helpline. By sharing their experience, they aspire to motivate individuals across Pakistan to familiarise themselves with this vital service, potentially safeguarding lives.

About 1124 service

In 2007, a centralised 24/7 call centre helpline, 1124, was established to receive calls from citizens all across Punjab. These incoming calls trigger a rapid response mechanism from Punjab Highway Patrol (PHP) posts, and, in areas without PHP presence, Punjab Police is dispatched to assist the individual in need. This comprehensive service encompasses immediate assistance in cases of vehicle breakdowns, other emergencies, crimes against oneself or reported by a third party, traffic regulation and management concerns, accident response, and facilitating rescue and evacuation to nearby medical facilities.

Moreover, this helpline serves as a vital platform for registering inputs in various domains and subsequently relaying the data to relevant authorities. One notable application is reporting fire hazards within residential areas. The call centre incorporates advanced features, including call recording, routing, interactive voice response (IVR), and other cutting-edge functionalities, to efficiently manage calls from citizens throughout Punjab. Importantly, this helpline can be dialled without the need for an area code, streamlining access to timely assistance.