A 12-year-old British student has surpassed famous scientists Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking in intelligence, scoring more than the two in an IQ test.

Devon schoolboy Rory Bidwell achieved the maximum score of 162 on the Cattell III-B test – despite not having prepared for it.

Both Einstein and Stephen Hawking are said to have scores around 160.


Rory found the test “pretty easy,” his dad said, and had no problem finishing it in the time limit.

Abby Bidwell, the British student’s mother, said her son was very calm during the test and even took a leisurely stroll to the toilet during one section.

His father, James Bidwell, told Sky News the family’s first reaction to the score was “That’s a big number – what does that actually mean?”.

A bit of Googling revealed Einstein and Stephen Hawking are both said to have had IQs of around 160. That was when it started to sink in that it was “really quite impressive,” Mr Bidwell said.

“We’ve always known he’s an incredibly bright lad. This just puts it in context.”