A ‘survivor’ of the devastating earthquake of 2005 has returned to Balakot to search for his family, DAWN has reported.

On Sunday, Ijaz Ahmed contacted local police to ask for their help in searching for his family.

He said that his school was razed in the 2005 earthquake when he was a child. Injured by the collapse of the building, he was shifted to Rawalpindi for treatment.


Ahmed claims he was abducted and sold to people linked to brick kilns. “I was sold four times in different cities and worked as a bonded labourer at brick kilns,” he told DAWN.

He told the police that his father’s name was Anwar while his mother’s name was Naseem Akhtar.

A large number of people showed up at the police station upon hearing the news. Miraculously, Anwar was among the crowd.

The father and son had a tearful reunion. Police have said they will carry out DNA tests to ascertain paternity.