The ever-increasing inflation has disturbed our budget to no extent. And considering its the summers, the electricity bill has practically sky-rocketed just like the mercury making it a feat to pay.

Here are four ways you can save on your electricity bill.

Save on your appliances

Electronic devices consume energy even when they are not in use but plugged in. Unplug every electrical device that’s not needed. Moreover, fit LED lights instead of traditional bulbs as they use less energy and last longer than bulbs. Bulbs also produce more heat and make your home warmer.


Save on your AC

Set the air-conditioning unit to “Auto” rather than the “On” mode, as this will regulate room temperature more effectively.

Don’t keep your AC’s temperature lower than 24 degrees celsius. Each degree cooler can represent the equivalent of a nine percent savings on cooling costs.

Ensure your air-conditioners are well maintained by regularly getting them checked from a good maintenance company. It is important to ensure that air filters are clean, refrigerant levels are maintained and electrical connections are working properly. If they’re not checked everyday issues have the potential to cause bigger problems which will eventually contribute to your expenses.

Save when doing laundry   

Around 90% of a washing machine’s energy is used to heat the water, so washing your clothes at 30-40C will help keep your electricity bill less. Another tip is don’t start the machine until you have a full load.

Use less energy during peak hours

According to LESCO and K-electric, these are the peak and off-peak hours so try to use less energy during these hours.

LESCO Peak and Off-Peak Hours
K-Electric Peak and Off-Peak Hours