Tamim Daoud, a Palestinian boy who was about to turn five years old in June, was asleep at home in al-Remal, a neighbourhood in the centre of the Gaza Strip, on Monday night when he was awoken by the sound of Israeli bombs.

The bombing caused a residential building near Tamim’s home to be targeted, resulting in shattered windows and destruction in the neighbourhood.

Tamim became frightened and began to weep heavily, suffering from a panic attack that caused him to gasp for air. Although he eventually returned to sleep, he suffered from another panic attack about five hours later, which prompted his father to rush him to the hospital.



Tamim’s heartbeat was very faint, and despite medical treatment in the intensive care unit, he died at dawn.

As of Thursday afternoon, the latest round of Israeli attacks on Gaza had killed 28 Palestinians and five Islamic Jihad (IJ) commanders, with at least five children among the dead.