Not many people might know this but before making it big, popular actors like Hamza Ali Abbasi and Osman Khalid Butt used to take part in theatre plays. Their plays used to be immensely popular and attracted large number of audiences. Here are some of the celebrities who began their careers with theatre.

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Hamza Ali Abbasi was part of several popular plays in Islamabad including Bombay Dreams, Phantom of the Opera and Home is Where Your Clothes Are before hitting it big.


Sanam Saeed did several popular plays including Chicago, Mamma Mia and Carnage.

Gohar Rasheed was a sought-after actor in Lahore’s theatres. He has been part of Tom Dick and Harry, Moulin Rogue and Half Plate.

Osman Khalid Butt was a popular theatre artist in Islamabad and has appeared in Beauty and The Beast, You Only Marry Twice and Flight 420.

Yasir Hussain has done Aangan Terha, Pawney 14 August and Sawa 14 August.