In a crackdown against alterations, one-wheeling, and missing documentation, the City Traffic Police (CTP) of Rawalpindi seized 51 motorcycles and issued challans to more than 170 motorcyclists.

On the occasion of Independence Day, City Traffic Police Rawalpindi began taking action against one-wheelers under the direction of Chief Traffic Officer Naveed Irshad. Along with other crucial thoroughfares, the operation was carried out on Murree Road, Sixth Road, Peshawar Road, Mall Road, Jhelum Road, and old Airport Road, according to The News.

Due to the strategic planning and coordination, no one-wheeling was permitted on any roadway, and thanks to the officers’ diligent work, no unpleasant occurrence happened. All circle in-charges were given a particular task.


The Chief Traffic Officer stated that one-wheeling is a criminal violation and that those found guilty will be prosecuted. He declared that the traffic police would keep going after those accused of meddling with the lives of ordinary residents.