According to the quarterly survey by Pulse Consultants, almost six out of 10 people have no confidence in Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan’s claim of coming out of the economic crisis, reports The News.

The survey is based on 1,809 respondents’ opinions who were interviewed from October 04, 2021 to October 10, 2021. It covered 60+ cities from all provinces of Pakistan.

According to the survey, the number of people losing faith in PM’s economic policies is around 57 per cent coupled with a drop in those who were confident that the prime minister will be able to turn the tide.


In July, 17 per cent respondents expressed confidence in PM’s policies, which in the current survey has dropped to seven percent. Regarding questions about the direction of the economic policies, 56 per cent respondents in July found them to be in the wrong direction, but three months later it has risen by 19 per cent to 77 per cent. On the contrary, those perceiving them to be on the right track have dropped to 24 per cent from 43 per cent in July.

Anxiety about the wrong direction is high is in the main political battleground provinces Punjab (79 percent) and Sindh (73 percent), as per the survey.

Since November 19, 2018 more than 95 per cent believe that inflation has increased after every three months.

Furthermore, the survey states that 68 per cent of people do not have savings and most of them have reduced their expenditures to make ends meet.

When the respondents were asked about the country’s major concern, 77 per cent complained about inflation whereas 35 per cent found corruption, 25 per cent unemployment, 11 per cent load shedding, while 10 per cent termed inability to meet expenses as their biggest problem.

The Pulse Consultant also asked the respondents about the performance of PM’s Adviser on Finance and Revenues, Shaukat Tarin, which showed that 53 per cent were dissatisfied with him.

The survey was conducted through CATI (Computer assisted telephonic interviews), a state-of-the-art technology where all calls are recorded.

The country is Heading Towards Wrong Economical Direction

  • Three amongst four Pakistanis believe that country is heading towards a wrong economic direction
  • In July 2021 there were 56% have that opinion but in October 2021 with an increase of 19%, 75% have that opinion
  • Anxiety about the wrong direction is high in Punjab (79%) & Sindh (73%) – the main political battleground followed by KP – PTI’s hometown (67%)

PM Claim About Restoration of Country Economic Outlook

  • In July 2021, 6 out of 10 respondents (62%) had overall belief on PM IK’s claim that “country is out of economic crisis”
  • Now in October 2021, wave condition is vice versa – almost 6 out of 10 (57%) have opposite opinion and have no belief in PM IK’s narrative (In July 38% had no believe now by the increase of  19% -57% have no belief)

Satisfaction with Shaukat Tarin

  • Dissatisfaction increased 15% (from 38% to 53%)
  • Satisfaction decreased 22% (from 35% to just 13%)

Inflation Trend

  • Almost every Pakistani hit by inflation and 98% are reporting that ‘Inflation increased in past three months’

Price Hike – Major Cause of Dissatisfaction

  • Like previous wave, in July Y2021 ‘Inflation’ is once again ranked as the gravest issue by (with the increase of 5%) 77% of the respondents.
  • If we read it with the answer “Expenses Not Meet” (اخراجات پورے نہیں ہوتے),of 10% – then it will reach to 87% – Ever highest in past three years
  • This is followed by & ‘Corruption’ (35%) & ‘Unemployment’ (25%), in  this wave ‘Corruption’ – overtake the ‘Unemployment’


We asked the same questions about “Monthly Expenses Management” back in July 2020, in July 2020, 41% had the opinion that – their monthly expenses are according to their income – but with the decline of 9% , now 32% have the same opinion

  • Jul-20 Oct-21Monthly Expenses Meet 41% 32%
  • Monthly Expenses Not Meet 59% 68%
  • Punjab & KPK – where #PTI is holding the provincial Govt. unrest increase significantly – specially in KP
  • If we compare the results of July 2020 & October 2021 (after 13 months) – Upper Socio Economic Class is also complaining that their monthly expenses are not meeting
  • Those who claimed that – their monthly income meet expenses – 31% amongst them claimed that they save any money
  • On the other hand – those who complained that their household expenses are not meet – 37% amongst them reduced their expenses, 30% borrow money and 30% do some extra job/work other than regular