In 2023, Pakistan intends to launch 5G service in three of its major cities.

The government has predicted that by 2025, 4 per cent of Pakistan’s internet users will be able to use 5G technology, while 65 per cent of the connections will be enabled on 4G technology, according to an official document of the Ministry of Information and Telecommunication (MOITT), a copy of which is available with WealthPK.

According to The Nation, the Global System of Mobile Communications (GSMA) predicted that by the end of 2022, more than 50 per cent of consumers in Pakistan would have a 4G connection. Although accurate, these predictions are still three years behind the trend of the global average.


Although Pakistan’s percentage of 4G connections is substantially lower than that of the rest of the area when compared to the global average, it is predicted to increase more quickly. The adoption of 5G is expected to increase starting in 2023, although it will still only represent a relatively small part of connections in the years that follow.


Although mobile broadband in Pakistan is constantly expanding, there is still much space for improvement. Mobile penetration and subscription rates are rising steadily. Total mobile and mobile broadband (MBB) customers was at 195 million as of August 2022 and 123 million as of that same month.

The penetration of mobile and MBB has reached 84 per cent and 51 per cent, respectively. Over the previous few years, MBB users have become a larger percentage of all mobile subscribers.