Inspector-General Police Punjab, Dr Usman Anwar, has directed top police officials in Punjab, including Regional Police Officers (RPOs), City Police Officers (CPOs), and District Police Officers (DPOs), to intensify efforts against anti-national and anti-social elements involved in electricity theft, which is causing a staggering annual loss of Rs600 billion to the national treasury. 

In a special video message, Dr Usman Anwar emphasised that Punjab Police’s crackdown on electricity thieves has gained momentum, with over 1,000 cases registered daily, spanning the entire province, including Lahore. This financial loss surpasses the cumulative losses from 15 years of various crimes, such as dacoity and robbery, across Punjab. 

According to Business Recorder, Dr Usman Anwar clarified that the scale of this theft far outweighs other criminal activities and assured that, following the directives of the Prime Minister and Chief Minister of Punjab, there will be no leniency for those involved in electricity theft. Offenders, regardless of their methods, will face legal consequences. 


He expressed concern that innocent citizens must bear the financial burden of others’ theft, emphasising that no one will be allowed to rob citizens of their hard-earned money. Dr Usman Anwar urged citizens to cooperate with law enforcement, district administrations, and relevant institutions by reporting electricity theft in their areas to accelerate actions against these elements harming the nation’s financial interests.