65-year-old Dilawar Khan from Dir Upper has enrolled in the first grade of a local primary school to improve his reading and writing skills.

Khan and his classmates have a stark age gap as the fellow students are younger than his grandchildren.

While talking to The Express Tribune, a local resident of the area revealed that, “Dilawar Khan, hailing from a financially struggling family in Dir Upper district, had to forego the luxury of a formal education in his youth to support his family. Yet, his passion for learning endured.”


Khan has now enrolled into the Government Primary School Khongai to learn to read and write.

“As a devout Muslim, I believe it is our responsibility to seek knowledge, and I firmly believe that age is merely a number, not a formidable barrier in this pursuit,” Dilawar states.

Despite his old age, he regularly attends school on time, ensuring punctuality as do his younger classmates.