On Eid-ul-Azha, the City Traffic Police (CTP) of Rawalpindi will send out 360 Wardens and Traffic officers as part of a special traffic plan devised for Murree.

Naveed Irshad, the Chief Traffic Officer (CTO) for Rawalpindi, stated that the CTP had completed all preparatory work in addition to establishing a control room to assist tourists and keep an eye on the traffic situation in Murree.

He claimed that the Rawalpindi Traffic Police were making every effort to assist the tourists, adding that special traffic arrangements had been made with regard to their security.


He added that traffic wardens had been instructed to work diligently and resolutely to maintain traffic flow so that traffic jams, particularly on congested roads, could be avoided and the citizens could receive relief, and that CTP would make use of all available resources to guarantee smooth traffic flow in Murree.

According to the CTO, Murree has a 3,500 vehicle parking capacity, and according to district administration guidelines, a maximum of 8,000 vehicles are permitted entry.

At Murree’s entry and exit points, specialised counting and checking pickets would also be placed, he added.

He added that traffic wardens had been instructed to impound motorcycles and one-wheelers in relevant police stations. He said one-wheelers and drifters would be handled  strictly, and those who violate the law would be sent to prison.