US Assistant Secretary of State Donald Lu has categorically denied former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s allegations that he engineered the PTI founder’s removal from government.

Testifying before a Congressional panel on Wednesday morning in Washington DC, Lu minced no words when asked about the allegations. “I wanna be very clear on this point, this conspiracy theory is a lie, it is a complete falsehood,” he stated. He was the key witness before a House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee.

Imran Khan and his party, along with its coalition government, was removed from power in April 2022 after a Vote of No Confidence, the first successful one in Pakistan’s history.


Lu said during the hearing- titled ‘Pakistan After the elections: Examining the future of Democracy in Pakistan and the US Pakistan relationship- that Pakistan’s envoy to Washington Asad Majeed also testified to his government that there was no conspiracy. “We respect the sovereignty of Pakistan, we respect the principle that Pakistani people should be the only ones to choose their leader through democratic process,” he observed.