China’s new mission to the moon, Chang’e 6, will be launched in 2024, carrying a Pakistani satellite.

As per a statement issued by the China National Space Administration (CNSA), Chang’e 6 mission will be launched to the moon in the first half of 2024.

The mission is set to carry payloads to the moon from Pakistan, the European Space Agency (ESA), France and Italy.


This includes French instruments to test radioactive gas, ESA’s Negative Ion Detector, Italy’s Valle Brett Radar System, and Pakistan’s satellite named CubeSat.

China is currently expanding the International Lunar Research Station project that will result in more international partnerships in the future as well as an increased international cooperation.

Constituting a first in history, Chang’e-6 mission is to journey towards the dark side of the moon and gather specimens from its surface.

Previously, samples were collected from the near surface of the moon.

The aim is to collect samples from various areas of the moon to evaluate its age. This is said to be followed by Chang’e 7 robotic mission to the moon’s south pole.

This will trace for signs of ice and examine the region’s atmosphere and weather.

The Chang’e 8 mission is said to conclude the Chang’e missions and to possibly establish a research station on the planet.