2020 has been quite the year, for all of us and none of us would like to relive it. But Adnan Siddiqui, who had a great year as far as his acting projects are concerned (Meray Paas Tum Ho, Ye Dil Mera) says that he admires 2020, calling it ‘A Year To Remember’.

“In three weeks from now, 2020 will be behind us,” wrote the actor on Instagram. “A most extraordinary year. When we rang it in, I don’t think anyone had even a vague idea that three months into it and our lives, as we knew it, would come to a halt. A thriving world came to an abrupt standstill and we are still waiting for normalcy to return. No wonder, our most common refrain since March 2020 is, ‘when will life be back to old normal’.”

He then went on to share why he admires 2020 so much.


“I often get asked why I admire 2020 so much when it caused a life-altering crisis across the globe. I have always felt that in every adversity lies an opportunity. We only need to discover that. The amount of free time I had on my hands, thanks to the lockdown, was God sent. I loved the languid pace at which life was moving all those months. And as Mac Davis crooned, I stopped and smelled the roses,” the actor added.

Sharing about time spent with his kids, Adnan wrote: “My kids were the happiest to have me around 24 hours and I would like to imagine myself as a more patient and wiser parent while dealing with the millennials. I finished a book that was mocking me for years for having left it in between. Caught up on sleep, wrote poetry.”

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“But most of all, 2020 enlightened me to a new perspective of life–to accept it in a larger scheme of things. I learnt that man, even if he fancies himself as omnipotent, can never conquer nature.”

“2020 also taught me to slow down a bit, to hold my loved ones closer, to pray a little longer, and never to take life for granted,” concluded Adnan.