Aamir Liaquat has shut down all rumours of a third marriage, saying that he has only one wife and that is Syeda Tuba Aamir.

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Liaquat made these remarks after a video of actor and model Haniya Khan claiming to be his emerged on social media a few days ago. Khan also claimed that she attempted suicide five times and accused Tuba of using black magic on her. She also alleged that Liaquat turned her family against her.


Responding to the allegations, Liaquat in a video message said: “Everyone complains about talkative women, but no one marries a mute woman. Everyone wants to marry a woman that can speak.”

“I only have one marriage, which is with Tuba,” he added, before going to recite some poetic versus.


Meanwhile, in an interview with a local YouTube channel, Liaquat asserted that he does not have a third wife, saying: “I came to know this family when they came to the Parliament Lodges. I helped by giving them Rs 25000 for groceries.”

Liaquat also accused Haniya of being mentally ill saying: “Agar aik aadmi ko mohabbat ho gae hai mujh se to me kia karskta hun (If someone has fallen in love with me what can I do).”