A video has emerged online showing a girl who got abducted from Karachi getting forcefully married in Rahim Yar Khan.

The girl, named Asma, allegedly stated her age as 19 in the marriage certificate issued in Rahim Yar Khan, reported the Nikahkhawan. The nikah ceremony took place at his house and he told ARY News that he asked the girl to go back but she declined stating her mother will sell her to an old man if she goes back.

On the other hand, the girl’s mother, asserted her daughter’s age to be between 14 and 15 years old. She disclosed that the man, who allegedly lured her daughter into marriage, won’t let her talk with Asma in person nor over the phone.


Karachi police authorities are currently in the process of seeking permission from the Home Department to initiate necessary actions, stressing that only the statement of the girl can confirm whether the marriage occurred with her consent or under compulsion.

However, the police authorities of Rahim Yar Khan have asserted that the girl provided a statement affirming that the marriage was entered into of her own free will.