Singer Adnan Sami Khan recently shared a heartfelt birthday wish for his son, Azaan Sami Khan, on Instagram. The post featured a touching photo of the father-son duo sitting on the iconic steps of Abbey Road Studios. Adnan’s message expressed his deep love and pride, celebrating their special bond and Azaan’s achievements.

In his post, Adnan wrote, “My dearest beloved son Azaan, many people don’t have a clue about our beautiful relationship and bond but that’s their problem! However, the truth is that I cannot begin to express how much I love you! I’m incredibly proud of you and all your accomplishments, which I know that you have worked very hard to achieve.”

He praised Azaan for his dedication to his craft, saying, “Your continued dedication towards your craft makes my heart swell with joy since it assures me that you are not someone who rests on his past laurels! As a father, I love it when people tell me that they love you which makes me love them more!”


Adnan extended his blessings for Azaan’s new year, wishing him good health, happiness, peace, success, and prosperity. He concluded with heartfelt words, “May your star shine bright and illuminate every person’s heart with the goodness that it touches! May you always be in the Divine Protection of Allah SWT! Happy Birthday, son! Lots of love and duas always! Baba.”

Azaan responded to the message with gratitude, commenting, “Ameen. Love you so much, Baba. Thank you so much.” The Sami family’s close bond and support for each other are evident through their affectionate messages and pride in each other’s accomplishments.